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Glenfield Medical Centre will remain open throughout the COVID pandemic to look after our patients, but we will NEED YOUR HELP to ensure we can continue providing care to those who need them the most. To ensure our staff and phone lines remain accessible to critically ill patients, we would like patients seeking information to use our website as much as possible, or call the COVID-19 health advice line 0800 358 5453.

Key contacts

COVID-19 healthline – 0800 358 5453
COVID-19 welfare phoneline – 0800 512 337
or apply online
COVID-19 isolation pharmacy serviceGlenfield 7 Day 09 444 7289, Bentley Ave 09 443 3599, Life Glenfield 09 444 6403
(free over-the-counter medication without prescription, free delivery)
Request a RAT – 0800 222 478 or do it online
My COVID record – 0800 222 478 or do it online to register your RAT result
Whanau Home Quarantine advice line – 0800 687 647 or 09 306 8740
COVID-19 vaccination helpline – 0800 28 29 26
Healthline – 0800 611 116
Mental health: Need to Talk? – 1737 (free call or txt)

Useful websites

Health Navigator NZ
Whānau Home Quarantine
Unite against COVID-19

Auckland Regional Public Health Service
Ministry of Health NZ

Translated information

COVID-19 Translated information for communities | ARPHS
Translations | Unite against COVID-19 (

Recent updates

COVID-19 Positive
– Add criteria for oral COVID mediation Paxlovid.

COVID-19 Vaccine
– Updated the Ministry of Health recommendation for timing of COVID vaccine after recovery from COVID.

COVID-19 Test
– Updated new Guidance on community cases and contacts.

COVID-19 Positive
– From 12/3/22, isolation period for positive cases and household contacts will be reduced from 10 days to 7 days. Household contacts are advised to have their screening RATs on day 3 and day 7.
COVID-19 Vaccine – Novavax are now available at selected vaccination centres from 14/3/22.

COVID-19 Test
– Updated test result turnaround: now 2 days.

COVID-19 Test
– Unsupervised RATs can be ordered online Request a RAT | Ministry of Health NZ (

COVID-19 Vaccine
– The Immunisation Advisory Centre now advise people who had a COVID-19 infection should continue vacination 12 weeks after recovery, instead of previously 4 weeks.

COVID-19 Test
– Added Critical Health Worker Test to Return Scheme. Updated new Guidance on community cases and contacts
COVID-19 Positive
– Clarified that people should not do a RAT after release from isolation, due to possible false positive from dead viral particles, and it does not mean that you are infectious. People are considered immune to COVID for 1 month after recovery, after that it is possible to catch COVID again.

Previous updates

COVID-19 Test
– Supervised RATs are now available at GP clinics, however due to limited capacity, we can only provide RATs for people who need assistance and not capable of doing it themselves at home. Unsupervised RATs are available at community testing centres.
COVID-19 Outlook & Omicron Plan
– Updated Omicron response plan: entering phase 3 on 25/2/2022, close contacts no longer be required to self-isolate, only positive cases and their household need to isolate for 10 days together. Household contact to test on day 3 and day 10.
COVID-19 Positive
– Updated new COVID-19 cases and contacts flow chart.

COVID-19 Test
– Criteria for RAT at community testing centres are: close/household contacts without symptoms OR symptomatic but not a close/household contact.

COVID-19 Test – Community testing centres in Auckland may be giving out RATs for use at home after being screened. Primary care including Glenfield Medical Centre are not providing RAT testing at this stage. Updated test result turnaround: now 4-5 days.

COVID-19 Positive
– COVID-19 welfare assistance is now coordinated by Ministry of Social Development (MSD/WINZ) instead of Whanau HQ, apply online or phone 0800 512 337.
COVID-19 Test
– From 19/2/2022, household contacts on 10-day isolation need to have screening test on day 8, but no longer require to do day 3 test in Auckland.

COVID-19 Test
– Updated test result turnaround: now 3-4 days. Funded COVID test now restricted only to people with symptoms, are household or CLOSE contact, positive RAT, prior to surgery at hospital or directed by a health order.

COVID-19 Positive
– Updated new Guidance on community cases and contacts, removed old COVID-19 Bubble Case Management Flow Chart

COVID-19 Test
– Updated test result turnaround: now 24 to 48 hours. Pre-departure COVID test: To guarantee result in time, Labtests now request all pre-departure COVID test to be self delivered to Mt Wellington 37-41 Carbine Road directly, Mon-Sat 9:30am to 2pm, Sun 9:30am to 12noon.

COVID-19 Positive
– Updated isolation period: positive case from 14 to 10 days, household contact 10 days starting together with positive case (no extension after positive case released), close contact from 10 to 7 days, starting 16/2/2022
COVID-19 Outlook & Omicron Plan
– Updated Omicron response plan: entering phase 2 on 16/2/2022

COVID-19 Positive
– Added COVID-19 Bubble Case Management Flow Chart

COVID-19 Test – Added Close Contact Exemption Scheme: who qualifies for rapid antigen testing for return, where to register

COVID-19 Positive – Added COVID-19 Isolation Pharmacy Service: local contacts and list of participating pharmacies