Non-COVID healthcare

COVID-19 and regular healthcare

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Glenfield Medical Centre will remain open throughout the COVID pandemic to look after our patients, but we will NEED YOUR HELP to ensure we can continue providing care to those who need them the most. To ensure our staff and phone lines remain accessible to critically ill patients, we would like patients seeking information to use our website as much as possible, or call the COVID-19 health advice line 0800 358 5453.

Business as usual, with a twist

At Glenfield Medical Centre we aim to provide all the usual services for as long as we can, before we come under pressure by the Omicron wave. Don’t delay in seeing us for your medical needs. Keep your children’s immunisation, your cervical smear, mamogram and other screening tests up to date.  Don’t forget to come for your diabetes, cardiovascular or asthma nurse clinic.

To keep everyone safe from Omicron during your face to face appointment, there are a few things we are doing differently:

  • No waiting room. When you arrive, please stay in your car and ring reception so we know you are here. If you walk here or have trouble with the phone, knock on our door.
  • When the doctor or nurse is ready for you, you will receive a call and be taken inside if you don’t have any possible COVID symptoms.
  • There is no need to show us your vaccine pass, as we are an essential service
  • Please wear a mask at all times
  • Currently we are not taking cash payments to reduce risk of transmission


Telephone and Video consultations

During the Omicron wave we will expect a transition from predominantly face to face consultations to more telephone and video consultations. For face to face appointments, they will all start via telephone and only progress to face to face if examination is required.

If you are sure that face to face examination is not required, you can just book a telephone or video consultation and just stay home. If there are skin lesions to show, we recommend you email us a photo in advance, as video quality is usually insufficient. For instruction on how to use for video consultations, click here.