Fees & Enrolment

As of 1st July 2018
Please note that payment is expected at the time of your consultation, an admin charge may be incurred for late payment
This is not an exhaustive list and recommend you contact the practice to establish individual fees


Enrolled & Funded Patient Consultations

Adult 65+ $36.00
Adult 25 – 64 $40.50
Adult 18 – 24 $36.00
Child 13 – 17 $36.00
Child 0 – 12 free

Newly enrolled patient’s first consultation may be at full non-enrolled rate, if the subsidy funding has not been approved yet. To avoid this, enrol early, ideally a few months early.


Non-Enrolled/Casual Patient Consultations

Adult 18+ $70.00
Adult 18+ with CSC $55.00
Child 6 – 17 $55.00
Child 6 – 17 with CSC $50.00
Child 0 – 5 $36.00

*CSC = community service card


ACC Consultations

Child 13+ to Adult $32.00
Child 0 – 12 free

Additional costs may apply for consumables & procedures e.g. dressings, suturing, IV antibiotics


Yellow Fever Consultations

Per person $110.00
(There may be concession if 3 or more going on the same trip)
Vaccine $90.00

Click here for more information


Repeat Prescriptions

*24 hrs notice required

Child 13+ to Adult $18.00
Child 0 – 12 free

Urgent / same day

Child 13+ to Adult $25.00
Child 0 – 12 $2.00

An additional $2 charge will be incurred for faxed or posted prescriptions.


Nurse Services


Funded immunisations free
click here for more information
Vacinations included in vaccine price
see non-funded and travel vaccines
Injections (Depo, B12, others) $15

Nurse Consultations

Child 13+ to Adult $15.00
Child 0 – 12 free
Ear syringe $18.00, need to have seen doctor first
ECG $45.00
Spirometry $45.00

Please note that any face to face interaction with a nurse can be considered as a consultation, regardless of treatment, and may be subject to a nurse consultation charge.

Nurse Led Clinic

Diabetes/Cardiovascular/Asthma/COPD free
Nurse smear clinic (Fri afternoon) $28


Other Services & Costs

Admin fee $5.00, may vary please ask
(e.g. copies of results, replace lost documents)
Consumables $15.00, please ask at time of booking
(e.g. liquid nitrogen, dressings)
Cervical smear Doctor consult fee + $5
Cortisone injection Doctor consult fee + $25
IV Infusions
– Aclasta
– Ferinject
– IV antibiotics/fluids
click here for more information
$140, please see Dr Denise Lucas first
$140 (additional $300+ if not funded)
Doctor consult fee (Primary Options/ACC funded)
IUCD insertion
– Mirena device
$136, please see Dr Anna Catherwood first
additional $340+ if not funded
Minor op $225-$250, need to have seen doctor first
(e.g. skin lesion/cyst excision, nail wedge resection)
Minor procedures $80, need to have seen doctor first
(e.g. punch biopsy, diathermy)


Unfortunately we are currently at capacity and are NO LONGER TAKING new patients.

The following local clinics are taking new patients:
-Archers Medical Centre 444 9324
-Birkenhead Medical Centre 4191636
-Coastcare Medical Centre – Birkenhead 419 2180
-Forrest Hill Family Medical 410 5411 (need to live locally)
-Glenfield Family Doctors 444 8578
-Health-I care 444 8682
-Kowhai Clinic 444 2098 (male doctor only)
-Onewa Doctors 418 3832
-Sunnynook Medical Centre 410 5331
-Sunset Road Family Doctors 478 2878

It’s free to enrol with a GP. Your care will become subsidised and you pay a reduced consultation fee (the subsidy funding & enrolment may take a few months to approve).

You are eligible to enrol if you are a New Zealand citizen, permanent resident or holds a work visa for at least 2 years continuously.

Please talk to our reception team if you want to enrol, fill out an enrolment form and bring your passport.

Unfortunately we are currently at capacity and are NO LONGER TAKING new patients.

For more information about enrolling with a GP or visiting a doctor, see the Ministry of Health website: