Test Results

Click Here to view your results, if your connectmed account has already been upgraded.
FIRST TIME USERS please read below and complete form to enable this feature.

Regarding doctors’ comments: “n” means normal or noted, and is there to show that the result has been reviewed by a doctor, as well as indicating instances where a result may fall outside the range but is either not significant or is as expected. Doctors will write specific comments if appropriate, and if significant we will endeavour to contact you as usual by phone or other means, so please keep your contact details up to date with us.

At Glenfield Medical Centre we now have the ability for you to see your test results online. All you have to do is upgrade your connectmed account (the one you use to book an appointment or order repeat prescription online).

By upgrading, some of your medical information will be made available to you, and you will be able to:

Online appointments
As before, you can continue to book routine 15 minute appointment with our doctors online. However please phone us to book nurse appointments, procedures or extended doctor appointments.

Repeat prescriptions
As before, your regular medications can be requested online, and please allow 1 working day for this to process. Once upgraded, you will be able to see a list of your medications. Any medications not listed can be still be requested by typing them in.

Test results
This is our preferred method of communicating test results. Once upgraded, you will be sent an email when the doctor has checked and filed your result, and so will be able to see the result when you login with your account. The doctor may make a comment for any test results if appropriate. If a result is significant, we will endeavour to contact you as usual by phone or other means, so please keep your contact details up to date with us.

Email address and Security
Due to privacy, security and legal technicalities, each person need to use their OWN personal email address for the account (i.e. not a email address shared by husband and wife, or children). The main reason is that anyone who can access that email address will have access to your own personal medical records. Children under 16 cannot create an account due to consenting issue.


If you are ready to upgrade, or want to create a new account with upgraded features, please fill in the form below and you should get a response of your request within a few days.