Video Consultations

You can now have a video consultation with our doctors via your phone or your computer.

Step by step instructions for using

Please note you must make an appointment with the doctor by ringing reception or online, to use this at the appointment time.

You can now do video consultation with our doctors, through the website, via your phone or your computer. On the computer you need to use Chrome, Edge or Firefox, and on the phone, you need to use Chrome for Android or Safari for iPhone.

  1. When it is near your appointment time, click on the link below for the doctor you are seeing:
    Dr Alan Chan
    Dr Anna Catherwood
    Dr Denise Lucas
    Dr Di Maxwell
    Dr Megen Wood
    Dr Lily Partridge
    Dr Nausheen Shaikh
  2. If you get the message “it appears your browser if not supported”, you need to copy the above link, open Chrome / Edge / Firefox / Safari, and paste or type it in
  3. You should be in the webpage, enter your name in the box, then click Check In
  4. Enable the camera and microphone if it asks you to
  5. You are now in the queue, the doctor will start the video call when he/she is ready

Please try checking in before hand, to test if you can check in successfully. The doctor might be offline at the time.

If it doesn’t work for you, don’t worry as the doctor will call you when your appointment time comes.

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