Passionate about medicine. Compassionate about people.

Glenfield Medical Centre has been providing high quality, holistic health care for over 30 years now.

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A dedicated team, ready to help.

We are a long established family practice and we are passionate about providing our patients with quality healthcare. We provide expertise in healthcare as well as ensuring you and your family feel welcome and supported in your needs. We welcome you to our practice.

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Booking Appointments Online

We offer online booking for non-urgent consultations only. If you need an urgent consultation please phone reception.

Video Consultations

You can now have a video consultation with our doctors via your phone or your computer.

General Practice

General practice is a clinical specially focused on primary care. It means providing medical care focusing on the person, the family as well as the community.

Children's Health

At the start of life as an infant, we provide routine 6 week checks and screen for any early signs of medical problems.

Women's Health

We offer a range of essential women's health services

Men's Health

We offer a range of essential men's health services

Minor Accident Care

Minor Accident Care provides prompt and efficient medical attention for non-life-threatening injuries resulting from accidents.

IV Infusions

At Glenfield Medical Centre we provide a range of intravenous infusions for certain medical conditions where an infusion is superior to oral medication, and when hospital admissions can be avoided.

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Serving the community since 2003

Passionate About Medicine
Compassionate About People.

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