We are an authorised yellow fever vaccination centre

Dr Denise Lucas  is a Yellow Fever Vaccinator under the International Health Regulations authorised by the Ministry of Health. She can help you prepare for your trip to Africa or South America where you may be at risk of catching yellow fever, or are required to show proof of vaccination as a condition of entry to a country.

Please note that your yellow fever certificate is only valid from 10 days after your vaccination, so make sure to book your yellow fever appointment well before departing on your trip.

You must first download the Yellow fever consent form below, fill it in and email back to admin@glenfieldmc.co.nz . Once we have received the consent form the nurse will contact you to arrange an appointment with Dr Lucas.

Before you come for your appointment, please read the Yellow fever & vaccine information below.

We are accepting patients outside of the practice as well as our own.

The cost of the consultation is $120, and the cost of the vaccine is $143. If the vaccine is contraindicated, a waiver will be issued. Each person will require a separate appointment but there maybe concession if there are 3 or more people on the same trip.

If you are not sure whether you need a yellow fever consultation, please email us the details of your trip (destinations, itinerary and air ticket if possible) to admin@glenfieldmc.co.nz and we can let you know.

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