At Glenfield Medical Centre we provide a very comphrensive range of medical care, due to the wide range of experiences and special interests of our doctors and nurses.

Here are some examples of what we do day to day in our clinic:

Glenfield Medical Centre Services
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General practice care

General consultations
General practice is a clinical specialty focused on primary care. It means providing medical care focusing on the person, the family as well as the community. This includes diagnosis, treatment and prevention, but more importantly providing continuity of care over time.

Chronic disease management
As life expectancy continues to improve over the decades, there are more and more people living with chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma and COPD just to name a few. GPs are specialists in chronic disease management and our specialists nurses also provides free specialised clinics specifically catering for these chronic diseases.

Preventative medicine
Prevention is better than cure, and is an important aspect of what we do. We provide a wide range of preventative medicine from childhood immunisations & vaccinations, chronic disease screening such as diabetes and heart checks, to cancer screening such as cervical, bowel and prostate.

Specialist referrals & continuity of care from hospital
Certain medical conditions can require specialist input and when clinically indicated, we can help you through the process of seeing a specialist, through the public system or private healthcare. When discharged from the hospital, we liaise with the hospital team or your specialist to provide follow up as required.

Aged care medicine
With an aging population, people are living longer and with that comes increasing complexity in health care due to more chronic diseases, multiple concurrent medications, and deterioration in body’s physiology. We are vigilant and give special considerations to the above factors.

Palliative care service
We work closely with North Shore Hospice to provide end of life care that focuses on quality of life and the patient’s goals and wishes.

Children's health

Well child baby checks
We provide care from the very beginning of life to end of life. At the start of life as an infant, we provide routine 6 week checks and screen for any early signs of medical problems. This is usually just the beginning of the patient doctor relationship where we will get to know them very well as they grow up.

Funded childhood immunisations & non-funded vaccinations
The most effective preventative measure one can take to keep a child healthy and growing well is to vaccinate them against important childhood diseases. The New Zealand childhood immunisation schedule has grown into a comphrensive and world class programme, and is provided free of charge for children in our clinic (for people eligible for funded healthcare). Click on the above headings for more information about the immunisation programme or non-funded vaccines.

General paediatrics
Children is a large part of what general practice is about, and they present with their own different types of medical problems. We see all sorts of conditions including infections, allergies, medical, surgical, congenital, developmental and behavioural/mental health.

Women's health

Cervical smears

Sexual health & contraception advice

IUCD insertions

First trimester pregnancy care

Men's health

Well men’s check

Cardiovascular risk assessment

Prostate cancer screening

Sexual health & well being

Minor accident care

Accident medical care

Wound management & dressings

Tetanus booster

Travel medicine & Yellow fever
Skin check & Minor Surgery


Cryotherapy / Liquid nitrogen

Skin punch biopsy

Excision of skin cancers, moles & cysts

Incision and drainage

Toe nail wedge resection

IV infusions

At Glenfield Medical Centre we provide a range of intravenous infusion for medical conditions or situations where an infusion is superior to oral medication, namely Aclasta infusion for osteoporosis, Ferinject infusion for iron deficiency and IV antibiotics.

See our IV Infusion page for more information.


WINZ certificate

ACC certificate

Driver’s licence




Please note we no longer provide immigration medicals due to government policy changes.

Nursing services

Blood pressure checks

Cyrotherapy / Liquid nitrogen

Ear syringing


Injections (Depo, iron, B12 etc)


Tympanometry & hearing test

funded immunisations
non-funded vaccinations
travel vaccinations

Nurse led clinics

Nurse led Clinics: Our nurses are also proud to be able to offer a range of nurse-led clinics. These clinics cater for chronic disease management as well as lifestyle and wellness checks. The majority of these clinics are FREE to our enrolled patients. 

  • Respiratory clinic (including Asthma)  – Lynne, Sue, Sharron
  •  Lifestyle Options (Facilitating counselling) – Lynne
  • Quit smoking programmes & ongoing support – Karen,  Lynne, Sue, Sharron, Jackie
  • Diabetes check – Karen
  • Cholesterol Management – Karen
  • Diet control – Karen
  • Chronic Disease Management (Careplus) – Karen or Lynne
  • Cardiovascular Management (CVD) – Karen 
  • Cervical Screening Clinic – Sharron
  • Zoledronic Acid (Aclasta) IV therapy – Sue